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Focus on long term value creation

Allocation focused on equity, both private and public, and selective credit investments.

Combining long-term and opportunistic investments.

Prudent use of leverage.

Searching for top quality businesses in sectors with positive dynamics

Proven business models with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Preference for sectors showing structural growth and not easily disrupted.

Companies showing an attractive cash flow and ROCE profile with growth prospects.

In association with top managers and partners

Focus on businesses with strong management teams.

Proactively partnering with like-minded investors.

Aligning interests with the common goal of value creation.

Flexibility around the investment

Equity tickets typically ranging from €20-200m (sweet spot €50-100m).

Agnostic in terms of sector, geography and security.

Ability for being a majority or minority shareholder.

Generally avoiding investments in

Start up (VC) companies with unproven business models.

Cyclical businesses, highly levered or which require significant restructuring.

Businesses heavily dependent on regulation.