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Target companies

Torreal’s targets are companies with strong growth potential that occupy a position of leadership in their sector. No sector or transaction is ruled out, a priori. Our historical portfolio includes both listed and private companies, in all different stages of development  (start-up, expansion capital, etc.) and very different types of projects (MBOs, LBOs or turnarounds, among others).

Geographical scope

From a geographical point of view, Torreal has traditionally shown a preference for investments in Spanish companies. Furthermore, Torreal’s successful part in supporting the local development of international businesses in Spain, with the collaboration of prestigious industrial partners, is also worthy of mention (Airtel, Inversiones Ibersuizas, Tengelmann).    

However, Torreal is playing an increasingly active role as an investor in foreign companies.


Torreal is a general investor and does not specialise in any sector, meaning that it can consider investments in any industry.

Minority / majority stakes

Torreal’s flexibility as an investor enables it to take both minority and majority stakes in co-investment with like-minded partners


The ideal transaction size is that which enables Torreal to make an equity investment of between 30 and 200 million euro per transaction.


The time horizon of its investments is undoubtedly one of the features that most distinguishes Torreal from other participants in venture capital activities. The basic principle underlying Torreal’s philosophy is the optimisation of value for companies without giving prevalence to other key factors, such as the number of years elapsed. The absence of a time limit on investments thus becomes an attractive differentiating option for the entrepreneur, when compared with other alternatives where the need for liquidity or compulsory portfolio turnover due to the number of years elapsed are detrimental to the value management and are not in the investors and entrepreneur’s best interests.


Torreal’s involvement in the management of the companies in which it invests is materialised through active participation on the Boards of Directors and Executive Committees, where it contributes its deep knowledge of the business world, its multisectorial vision and its more than 20 years experience in management and optimisation of company value.
Notwithstanding this, Torreal always invests hand in hand with top management teams who are committed to the project and it is to these, as true experts in the business, that Torreal entrusts the day-to-day management.

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